Threat hunting - better than you imagined

Simplify forensic analysis and proactive threat hunting, uncovering a single data record amongst millions in seconds. Establish stronger narratives around attacks or vulnerabilities. Gain control quickly, meet compliance deadlines, and reduce reputational damage when something goes wrong.

Incident investigation and compliance

Risk and compliance

Ensure you can meet GDPR deadlines in case of a breach. Be confident in all findings and full breach timeline and context. Check whether you are NIST compliant before you’re audited.

Hunting and forensics

No query language needed to search for users or server events. Automate investigations and reduce alert volume with customizable watchlists and reusable saved searches.

Better remediation

Power search

  • Uncover user event details in seconds such as file names, frequency of use, data movement, applications, processes, connections, and more.
  • Quickly create a detailed hypothesis in response to an alarm or incident.
  • No query language knowledge needed to search for users, servers, or events. Built like a search engine, the Jazz Power Search enables operators to find a detail amongst the millions of data records collected.

Cybersecurity data recorder

The data recorder provides a full paper trail during an incident investigation – even if data is deleted or evidence is destroyed during an attack.

Connections view

  • See netflows of traffic & applications that initiated the user or server’s connections.
  • Expand details to see other users connected to the same host.
  • See bandwidth volume.
  • See process-to-process communication between any Jazz agent endpoints. The view enables you to virtually walk across the network, viewing a node’s connections and related processes

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