Why Jazz Networks?

Protect your people

Before the attack

Train your weakest link to enhance your cyber defense.

Periodic security training has proven to be ineffective as human error is still one of the leading causes of breaches. Replace ineffective training methods with out of the box training policy packs, explaining corporate policy violations to the users by correlating their action to instant feedback.

Protect your data

During the attack

Automate detection of malicious behavior and respond immediately.

Get the deepest endpoint visibility and detect unusual activity with machine learning, regardless of an employee's location or network status. Protect all data in-motion on endpoints and cloud storage with out of the box policy packs and real-time actions. Ensure industry regulation compliance.

Protect your reputation

“I am convinced that there are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be.”

Robert Mueller, former FBI Director
After the attack

Find the needle in the haystack in seconds.

The unparalleled threat hunting platform provides a full paper trail – even if evidence is destroyed during an attack. The search engine paired with machine learning-assisted forensic analysis establishes a detailed narrative around the attack. Gain control instantly, meet compliance deadlines, and reduce the reputational damage.

Experience the Jazz Platform

Tested and won

US Cyber Command competition

The event, RPE-003: The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, sought to identify user activity monitoring (UAM) solutions that employed advanced, real-time analysis of multiple data sources for anomaly detection, specifically those that offered both predictive monitoring and policy-based monitoring features.


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Protect more with fewer tools. Experience how Jazz Networks protects your organization today with the 30-day free cloud trial. Jazz Networks’ analyst team will give you a threat hunt report in 30 days free of charge.

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