Jazz protects organizations from the cybersecurity risks within.

Cost of insider threats per organization*


Annual cost of all insider incidents


Annual cost of malicious incidents

+ days

Time to contain more than 1/3 of insider incidents

An insider risk detection & response solution designed with human behavior in mind

From non-malicious to malicious
From unintentional to intentional
From the average user to the cyber expert

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Tested and won:

Jazz took first place in the insider threat simulation facing seven industry-leading DLP, EDR, UBA, and SIEM vendors.

Winner of seven out of ten categories, including best overall performance.

Human error is the leading cause of data breaches

Employees unknowingly or unintentionally expose their organizations to breaches by browsing risky websites, downloading malicious files, accessing confidential data through unsecured Wi-Fi networks, and inserting USB sticks containing malware.

Jazz provides incident-based training to educate employees, enforce Acceptable Use Policies, and safeguard against threats.

Insider risk is one of the costliest types of data breaches

Organizations tend to overestimate the impact a malicious outsider has. What a malicious outsider wants is what your employees, contractors, and business partners already have—privileges.

Jazz employs a combination of policy and machine learning sensors to detect insider risks.

Insider risk costs businesses $4.08m each year. Are you protected?

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