Meet the team

Fredrik Halvorsen


Fredrik is a Norwegian serial entrepreneur. He was CEO of Tandberg, and chairman and co-founder of Acano until the companies were acquired by Cisco. He has held senior positions at Frontline Corporate Services, Cisco, and McKinsey & Company. In addition to being a co-founder of Jazz Networks, Fredrik is an active co-founder and director of Borr Drilling and Ubon Partners.

Hani Mustafa

Chief Executive Officer

Hani has 17+ years’ experience in security related roles, including systems, networks, and software security. Since becoming one of the youngest Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts in security worldwide in 2004, Hani has built multiple commercially successful security products for long-established companies and startups.

Larry Satterfield

Global Sales Leader

Larry has held senior sales leadership roles for more than 25 years. Committed to achieving high customer satisfaction, his sales teams for companies like Nortel, Dell, Tandberg, Cisco, and Acano have outperformed competitors by driving significant revenue growth.

Si Evans

Chief Technology Officer

Si has been an independent security consultant since 2003, specializing in embedded systems, low-level system software, and network stacks. His background includes senior positions at leading technology companies, such as Codian, Acano, and Cisco.

Simon Humphrey

Head of Engineering

Simon holds a first-class honors degree in Computer Science from Queens’ College, University of Cambridge. He was a founding member of Acano and has worked at Google, Cisco, and Tandberg. With a passion for reverse engineering software and understanding how complex systems work, he is excited to make his mark in cybersecurity.