Change employee behavior with a new training method

Your employees pose the highest risk of breach by unintentional or uninformed actions – train them on good cyber practices continuously, instead of using ineffective classroom training.

User-centric policy enforcement

Cyber hygiene

Bad habits over time can lead to vulnerabilities. Out-of-the box policy packs ensure fast adoption and consistent reinforcement without missing the smaller actions that could lead to larger problems.

Distributed workforce

Eliminate blind spots around your remote workforce with visibility to all offline and non-corporate network activity. Enforce policies when employees are working outside of an office and ensure they’re a part of the defense against attacks.

Better education

Training policy packs

  • Immediate feedback is the most effective training.
  • Out of the box training policies provides immediate value.
  • On-the-spot training connects an individual’s action with an explanation of corporate security violation immediately.
  • Customizable on-screen messages link to company policy guide.

Policy performance graphs

  • Illustrates when and how often policies are breached.
  • Identify where employee security training is needed.
  • Improves behavior over time.

Cyber Passport

  • Employee details sync from multiple LDAP (including active directory), as well as online status, location, network name, and foreground application.
  • Summary of alarms, triggered sensors and policies.
  • Activity feed displays all user events in logical sequence, including: print, browser, file and integration events, as well as connections, logins, DNS lookups, USB events, applications (changes in foreground application), and more.
  • Current Wi-Fi connection and Geo-IP location.

Ready to leverage the new way of employee training?

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