Prevent insider IP theft and sabotage

Protect your data from those who already have privileged access and know where your sensitive data is stored.

Stealing intellectual property


Average annual cost of IP theft or sabotage incidents


of employees admit to taking sensitive data with them when leaving an organization


average cost of an IP theft or sabotage incident

How it works


Get instant protection

Gain insight into how data is accessed

Identify how data is accessed and used

Understand complex incidents in seconds


Machine learning

Jazz’s breakthrough machine learning component combines multiple algorithms that monitor user, entity, and network behavior to detect security threats. The machine learning generates statistically robust models of behavior that are tailored to each individual in an organization and achieve better predictive performance.


Policies allow you to automate threat detection and response by defining rules for specific user activities and the actions that are taken if these rules are breached. Jazz offers an extensive number of out-of-the-box and configurable policies that you can customize to align with your IT policies and security needs.


The Jazz solution enables you to halt suspicious activity by performing actions on computers, including isolate, lock, take screenshot, and display message.


Understand and transform your security posture with interactive policy violation reporting. The policy reports page lets you view high- and low-level policy sensor data, so you can assess the effectiveness of your existing security controls and identify areas for improvement.

Detection examples

Indicators of attack

Policy based

SSH and Telnet connections
Windows Firewall modifications
Hacking or scanning tools use

Machine Learning

Keyboard typing pattern
New location pattern
Machine-generated DNS
Port scanners

Data exfiltration

Policy based

Remote connections using SFTP
File uploads matching content inspection
USB storage device use

Machine Learning

Excessive printing
DNS exfiltration
Unusual networks (phone tethering)
Inbound/outbound bytes sent & received

Instant value delivered upon install

Built-in alerts immediately notify you of real-world insider risk scenarios, such as employees using restricted administrative tools, sending sensitive information outside of the organization, and printing documents during irregular hours.

Individual human-centric security

Machine learning adds rich, relevant context to events, so you can understand employee behavior and efficiently investigate threats.

Continuous monitoring without exception

Two powerful methods of detection regardless of an employee being offline, remote, or connected to the network–resulting in faster threat remediation.

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