Avoid data breaches caused by accidental errors or careless employees

Improve cyber hygiene with incident-based training that enforces your security policies and compliance needs.

Enable your workforce

“Classroom security awareness training is not effective, as most people revert to old habits and the training impact is lost. Cyber training should be continuous and comprehensive.“
of data breaches are caused by human errorSource: Ponemon

How it works


Reduce your attack surface

Get complete visibility into employee behavior.

Assess your cyber hygiene status.

Implement effective security training with lasting effect.

Bypassing Acceptable Use Policy

A careless employee may upload documents from the company file share to their personal file share to work from home, which is against their Acceptable Use Policy and exposes the company to risk.
of employees involved in insider risk incidents had previously violated the IT security policySource: Deloitte



You can use policies for educational purposes—for example, to display an on-screen message to a user upon connecting to an unsecured public Wi-Fi network, informing them that they are violating the corporate policy. Or, you can enforce stricter policies, where you lock a computer if a user visits a malicious website.


The Jazz solution enables you to halt suspicious activity by performing actions on computers, including isolate, lock, take screenshot, and display message.


Understand and transform your security posture with interactive policy violation reporting. The policy reports page lets you view high- and low-level policy sensor data, so you can assess the effectiveness of your existing security controls and identify areas for improvement.

Real-time security training

Incident-based training provides an immediate feedback loop to employees on detection of unacceptable behavior, reinforcing corporate security policies and promoting good cyber hygiene.

Constant enforcement without exception

Monitoring provides visibility of employee adherence to corporate policies as well as automated enforcement whether they are remote or connected to the network.

Simple reports of security performance

Reports highlight instances of careless behavior over time, allowing you to assess the effectiveness of your security controls and identify areas for improvement.

Instant value delivered upon install

Prebuilt rules detect poor cyber hygiene practices, such as employees downloading dangerous files, connecting to open Wi-Fi networks, or inserting malicious hardware devices.

Risk awareness fortifies your human attack surface. Start training your employees today.

Test the product with out-of-the-box policies.

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Improve your cyber hygiene

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