Jazz Analyst Services

Lean on our experts to get the most out of your data without exhausting your team.

Continuously evolve your data protection by subscribing to Jazz Analyst Services

A dedicated, experienced cybersecurity specialist will periodically examine and investigate your data using the Jazz Platform. You’ll meet at your convenience to discuss alarms, findings, recommendations, policy changes suggestions, and next steps.
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Jazz Analyst Services benefits

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Enhancing the level of visibility and understanding you get from the Jazz Platform.

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Accelerating the machine learning training processes to provide deeper insights faster.

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Tailoring the platform to your specific requirements by designing specific watchlists and customizing policies.

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Boost your team’s threat hunting skills using the Jazz Platform.

Threat hunting process

Structured analysis

  • Alarms in the period
  • Sensors activated (machine learning and policies)
  • Structured threat hunting

Unstructured analysis

  • Irregular events
  • Strange behaviors

The meetings are designed to address your needs and the dedicated analyst will be familiar with your context and areas of concern.

Threat hunting process

What can Jazz Analyst Services find?

Gaming (casino) services company with over 1000 users

Jazz Analyst found during the POC that Web Proxy Autodiscovery (WPAD) was enabled by some Windows and Mac hosts on the network. The hosts were contacting an external domain not under the control of the business which presents a large risk of compromise or abuse.

WPAD was misconfigured, potentially allowing an attacker to set up a rogue web proxy under their control outside of the legitimate domain. A remote attacker could also harvest credentials or directly exploit vulnerabilities in proxy autodiscovery (Project Zero has published exploits for some of these vulnerabilities).

Gaming casino

Cybersecurity Analysts

Jazz Analysts are experienced cybersecurity specialists with strong background in protective monitoring, CIRT and threat intelligence with demonstrable security incident response experience.
Cybersecurity analysts

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Protect more with fewer tools. Experience how Jazz Networks protects your organization today with the 30-day free cloud trial. Jazz Networks’ analyst team will give you a threat hunt report in 30 days free of charge.

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