The human element in every stage of the kill chain

Gain instant insight into your organization with the Jazz Platform.

Before the attack

Protect your people

Protect your people

Train your weakest link to enhance your cyber defense
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User-centric activity behavior monitoring improves your cyber hygiene by educating the workforce, regardless of physical location or network status. Regain control and eliminate blind spots of your remote workforce.

During the attack

Protect your data

Protect your data

Automate detection of malicious behavior and respond immediately
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Activity and file-focused data loss protection across endpoints and cloud storage stops exfiltration attempts in real-time. By combining the deepest endpoint visibility with machine learning, you protect all data moving unexpectedly - either by insiders or compromised user credentials.

After the attack

Protect your reputation

Protect your reputation

Find the needle in the haystack in seconds
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The unparalleled threat hunting platform provides a full paper trail and historical context– even if evidence is destroyed during an attack, without using query language. The search engine with machine learning assisted dig and discover, ensures you can meet government and industry regulations.

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How it works


Jazz agents are deployed on endpoints and servers and immediately begin collecting activity data and report it back to the Jazz Infrastructure.


Machine learning analyzes behavior and actions of users, applications, and operating systems to establish a ‘normal’ baseline. Comparisons are made for every action against baselines.


Anomalies are identified and alarms are raised for any perceived threats like data exfiltration, malicious software and non-compliant devices or applications.


Stop threats instantly Isolate a machine to stop infectious software from spreading, lock a computer if mal-intent is identified, or push for multi-factor authentication to confirm an identity.

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Use cases

Use cases


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