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How it works

The Jazz Infrastructure is deployed on premise or in the cloud.
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Machine learning

are raised when suspicious activity is deemed anomalous and requires attention.
are triggered if indicators of abnormal activity is present during baseline comparisons.
The Jazz Agent
collects millions of raw events, such as:
  • Network connections
  • Process execution
  • DNS requests
  • File activity
  • File access
  • WiFi networks
Machine learning pyramid
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Deploy two ways


  • Instant deployment
  • Data securely stored for you
  • Supplement your SOC team with our analyst services
Turn the lights on and enjoy peace of mind.


  • Easy install
  • Instantly usable by teams
  • Full control of environment
Keep full control and leverage our experts if you need them.

Jazz analyst services

Get the most out of your data and understand your employees on a deeper level.
Your dedicated analyst investigates your data in two ways:
Structured analysis

Structured analysis

  • Alerts in the period
  • Sensors activated
  • Structured searches - such as data exfiltration
Unstructured findings

Unstructured findings

  • Irregular events
  • Strange behaviors
analyst 1 to 1

You’ll meet 1:1 regularly

to review alerts, findings, recommendations, and next steps based on the detailed investigation.