Security 101

Every contact leaves a trace

Dr. Edmond Locard (13 December 1877 – 4 April 1966) was a French criminologist and a pioneer in forensic science. It is from him that investigators and forensic practitioners around the world derive this often-used axiom. “Every Contact Leaves a Trace” During my early days in training with the police the phrase “every contact leaves a trace” was drilled into me as both an opportunity and a warning. These opportunities are relatively obvious of course.

Don't be the weakest link

According to Gartner, 90% of insider incidents are due to human error—employees without malicious intent with potentially damaging actions. If humans are the weakest link of an organization’s security, how can you be confident you’re not a part of the statistics? You need to protect both your company’s and personal accounts and devices to avoid any leaks. 6 steps to increase your security Increasing your security is easier than you think.