Understanding agent enrollment

In designing any system composed of multiple interconnected services, a key consideration is to ensure that the data that is sent between these services is trusted. While industry best practices already exist defining how to secure connections between entities, there is significant additional complexity when attempting to scale these designs to secure thousands of agents that exist in a potentially hostile network environment, while keeping the operational burden to a minimum.

Agent testing

At Jazz Networks quality is the responsibility of everyone, from the graduate to the CEO. Quality matters because we are a security company, and our focus is to protect you and your organization from potential threats. We want to ensure that our software always performs exactly as designed by us. A change is not good enough if it does not provide sufficient test coverage and benchmarking, no matter who made it.

Myths of machine learning

Machine learning has never been more prevalent or accessible than it is today. It is a phenomenon that is transforming how we interact with businesses, devices, and each other. From retailers and advertisers recommending appropriate products and email providers detecting spam, to cars that can drive themselves, and phones that recognize their owner’s face. Meanwhile artificial intelligence and machine learning must be the two most misunderstood concepts in tech today.